Thursday, August 2, 2012

From Garden to Freezer, Tomatoes and Stuffed Summer Squash,

We bought a used 21 cu ft freezer at an estate sale several weeks ago for $150.00.  I have it pretty full already with tomatoes and summer squash.  I did make some great summer squash enchiladas and put some of those in here too.

It is not well organized yet; I have been so busy with tomatoes that as soon as I have it ready to freeze I just find a spot and shove it in!  When we first bought the freezer Tony went out and bought 4 huge bags of ice just to help fill it.  Now I need the space, but it has come in handy when I am peeling tomatoes.  I use the ice to cool the tomatoes down.  So far I have only used 1/2 bag.  Oh well, lavender lemonade can not be far off.

Here is how I roast my tomatoes, Roasting and Freezing Tomatoes

Summer Squash (roasted) and Tomato Juice in bags
Summer Squash Enchiladas in the containers.
Homemade Salsa, and Tortillas from Vallarta Market, fresh then I froze them.  The tall ziplock bag is full of onions that I chopped then put in small 1 cup serving size bags.  This is a great way to store a lot of onions when they come in.  I do the same thing for celery, when it is on sale I buy a few and chopped them, then freeze.

This years onion harvest.
The entire bottom basket of the freezer is full of roasted summer squash, and I also grated some and froze raw for breads and muffins.

The two top bags are from two jars that cracked after I froze them.  I didn't leave enough head space.  Live and learn, I know to leave at least and inch but maybe the jars were too old.  The cracks were clean so I just removed the glass and rinsed off the frozen tomatoes and then put in the Food saver bags.  I think the jars are stewed tomatoes or could be more salsa.
I also froze a bunch of baked, stuffed scallop and patty pan squash.
I will use the roasted summer squash for sandwiches like this come fall and winter.
I also froze some raw zucchini patties. You can find the recipe on this blog.
Roasted summer squash will come in handy this fall and winter when my Arugula is growing again.

Well, I am off to make some PESTO!  My plants of ready to pick and that means more goodies for the freezer.
Purple Petra Basil
Genovese Basil
Large Leaf Italian Basil

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